Author Topic: Walkie calls out McFuck’s Paranoia Yeah!  (Read 2163 times)

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Re: Walkie calls out McFuck’s Paranoia Yeah!
« Reply #45 on: August 02, 2017, 01:02:58 PM »
You didn't actually answer my question but then again I wasn't expecting anything.   ::)

I did answer you question, Pappy. I said that the timing was poor.

That is an arbitrary value judgement with no factual basis for it whatsoever.

If you can't get it through your thick skull, then here it is: The timing of the necrobump was poor considering the recent death. Bringing up old drama when one of the said people involved in said drama was buddies with said deceased.

Get it now?

So the answer to your questions of do I have a list or who you can't necrobump (ect) the answer is show a little consideration. Jesus, it's not difficult to act like a decent human being. Even if it's every once in a while.

This is dodging the question again, all you do is try to sling mud at me. What is the standard by which I'm allowed (in your opinion) to necrobump and by what timeframe?

Okay, don't bring up old drama when people involved in said drama have just had a personal loss. If you're looking for a timeframe, I dunno maybe wait a couple of days? Weeks?
Not that you'll listen to a word I have to say anyway, you'll just reply with the same crap you always do.

... and yet you're responding, with fail, as you always do.

Well to be honest I am kinda stumped on that one. Aside from trying to get through to you so you'll act with a decent amount of consideration for others I honestly haven' a fucking clue as to why I'm replying to these posts.

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