Author Topic: tEH uLTIMATE dREAM tHREAD=post your dreams here peoples  (Read 8148 times)

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Re: tEH uLTIMATE dREAM tHREAD=post your dreams here peoples
« Reply #360 on: January 06, 2018, 11:56:08 AM »
Had a weird, and not at all pleasant one.

And old woman, with a little market stall like platform beside her, full of live animals in containers of various sorts, crying out as though hawking produce, but she wasn't. She was protesting animal cruelty. And doing it by showing examples. I particularly remember her ripping  the heads off cats, and taking hold of large, live crabs, and dissecting piece of their shells off, pulling out their eyes and then nailing this crab to a wall through its claw, as if crucifying it.

All the while, railing against animal cruelty. It was surreal-weird and major-league fucked up. That one had me waking up in a cold sweat.

People just like to think they can know who the monsters are, but they can't.

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Re: tEH uLTIMATE dREAM tHREAD=post your dreams here peoples
« Reply #361 on: January 06, 2018, 12:37:14 PM »
Yeah, that dream was fucked. Seriously, seriously fucked. More fucked than a crackwhore in possession of her own bodyweight in crack. The old woman was PETA-esque, railing and preaching against animal cruelty, only at the same time, doing the things mentioned above, to 'demonstrate' what people shouldn't do.

Fucked isn't even the WORD. That dream was fucked, fornicated, sodomized, assraped, comitted buggery with and left to dangle on a pointy stick stuck up its ass, Vlad Tepesh style, And then repeatedly copulated with. And mated with multiple instances of 'holy shit that is fucking screwed up' I ended up only being able  to get back to sleep after first taking a STRONG sleeping pill/antianxiety nuclear option pill (same pill, two effects in that context) and some morph to make sure I STAYED asleep and hopefully, reduce dreaming further. Because sure as shit I didn't want another one like THAT fucking thing. Seeing that living crab having its shell peeled off, leaving its internals exposed, but for a claw to crucify it by....that was nasty. Especially for an animal lover as much as I am.

Just wrong, is what that dream was, Just Fucking Wrong.
Beyond the pale. Way, way beyond the pale.

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