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Re: Words of the Day- THE GAME
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Re: Words of the Day- THE GAME
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Hows about my submission for the day: 'mycophilous' 'a lover or devotee of fungi, most common use as the cognate derivative 'mycophile', 'mushroom-lover', I.e one who loves to get up often at the crack of dawn to beat other mycophilous mycophages to the winner's podium, with their bag of mushrooms for the day consisting of the best specimens of the best, most delicious kinds to be found in the area that the given mycophile and mycophage goes out to forage in, and not uncommonly doesn't return until it gets too dark to see, even when packing a high-powered LED torch so as to go probing around in the leaf-litter and up the trees even once it turns too dark to see otherwise.

Or, if we do (and I am one of 'em, a mycophile and mycophage if ever there was one, since age 4, I am told by my grandfather on my mother's side, LOL at my autistic ass self, haven't changed one bit, in that respect, save only for increasing my level of competency and skillsets, as well of course as chemicals I could originally neither buy or make myself, such as the chloral hydrate in Melzer's reagent (chloral hydrate, although very antiquated and rarely used these days, is an old, old sedative-hypnotic and is in many countries, a controlled drug, although in Melzer's reagent, which is used for testing spores for one of three possible reactions as an assistant to identification, the mixture would be toxic if consumed and highly unpleasant too, come to think of it, chloral hydrate on its own is a shitty drug that is great if you want a gippy stomach and nasty camphoraceous-tasting belches that really repeat on one, but it does have other uses, primarily for mycophiles like mine self, so of course as a kid I couldn't get any for making this most useful of basic fungus ID reagents, thanks to its being a controlled drug)

Then if we'll be with our bag of mushrooms picked first before anyone else gets to the best kinds and patches and crops, to cook up a breakfast feast and stoke our energy up to go back out and spend the rest of the day until nightfall or later, out with the torch, still poking around to grab first dinner, then tea then supper)

(the definition of the word 'mycophile' and 'mycophage' when applied to humans), mycophagous also means 'subsisting upon a fungal diet, such as when applied to insect species and/or genera that specialize in eating mushrooms or microfungi. And, just like competing human variety, is generally thought of by others as a sodding pest :autism:

(I.e nothing worse than finding what looks like a perfect specimen of a rare delicacy on the outside, but inside is heaving with corruption and maggots writhing within a bag of slime wearing the clothing of a king's feast, unless it is the little bastard of a fellow mushroom hunter that just found a big patch of scrumptious and scarce wild morels before you got on the scene and got off with the lot)
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