Author Topic: Fetal Alcohol Disorders Up to 10 Times More Common Than Believed  (Read 101 times)

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Re: Fetal Alcohol Disorders Up to 10 Times More Common Than Believed
« Reply #15 on: February 09, 2018, 03:57:01 AM »
I find it pretty stupid complaining about lesbians not being 'included'. They are female, they can get pregnant. But unless they DECIDE to, via artificial insemination, then they are not what one could call particularly susceptible to unplanned pregnancy.

And why give them special treatment. Alcohol intake isn't going to give a flying fuck about WHAT a woman sticks where, its either effects during pregnancy, or no effects on a foetus during not being pregnant. No need to tiptoe round lesbians just in case they get offended at being left out of the 'accidental pregnancy, or unknown pregnancy before overt biological signs' category.

Its simple enough logic, that a woman lacks the biological equipment to impregnate a woman via a natural process. And about the ONLY possible means for an (exclusively) lesbian woman to end up pregnant without knowing it, and almost certainly, planning it, is via the thankfully comparatively rare incidence of rape occurring after being slipped some sort of amnestic drug.

As for the CDC coming out with things like that, whilst they might have intended well, they could have thought out what they said better, not to indulge the snowflakes and SJWs and feminazi fuckwit types, but rather  to try their best to have that pack of bellends keep their mouths shut as much as possible, because other people, those who actually stand a chance of voluntary procreation in this lifetime, might actually listen to the ravings of said bunch of idiots, the ones that don't even have sand in their vaginas, but full-blown statuary, complete with petroglyphs and fossilized ediacaran organisms here and there.

Unfortunately all too often its those who shout loudest and most frequently that get heard, rather than the one more softly spoken but who speaks that which makes the most actual sense.

'Common' sense...isn't. And it appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Oh-and, shit for brains, you are incorrect in the statement that one cannot be done for the murder of the unborn. In the US, approximately half of states have laws regarding foeticide under some circumstances, and there is a law also in the UK. Not that it really needed pointing out, but once again, you have proven yourself to talk nowt but shite.
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