Author Topic: In Interviews With 122 Rapists, Student Pursues Not-So-Simple Question: Why?  (Read 1524 times)

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Re: In Interviews With 122 Rapists, Student Pursues Not-So-Simple Question: Why?
« Reply #210 on: February 11, 2018, 01:52:47 PM »
I didn't want to look at this but, I gave the article a bit of a read, and was interested by the murderers who felt remorse as compared to the rapists that didn't... I mean the only one who felt remorse is a fucking paedophile who wants to marry his victim!
I think, like the article says it does have to do with accountability but it also has to do with the mindset or a (regular) killer and that of a rapist.

A lot of murders are the result of moments of rage. A partner pushes their spouse down the stairs, somebody shoots their boss to death over an office dispute. There are obviously killings that the murderer spends months or even years planning for but many are acts of rage, some of it split-second. It costs somebody their life and ruins dozens of others. People snap or they lash out causing a death. And they have to live with what they've done for the rest of their lives.

That is those who feel remorse. Many don't, arguing that the person deserved it or something. But with a base statistic based on the people this woman talked to, there is a far greater ratio of (regular) killers who express remorse over the life they took than a rapist and their crime.

Every rapist thinks they're going to get away with it, either by the belief that it won't get reported, a drugging of the victim or they'll even "silence" them in the case of a rape-homicide. It's about power and how they can express it with the belief that they won't face any consequences and nobody will really get hurt (at least in their mind, no body=no harm done). The mindset of a sick fuck like this is actually more similar to a TV killer than a real (regular) killer is or even a serial killer.

Like I said, a lot of real life murders are caused by split-second moments, but every rapist is truly evil. I don't care what made them that way, the next time one makes a move on me I'm probably going to kill them.
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