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Don't know if anybody else is familiar with libgen (library genesis) here, so I thought it should be posted, there ought be quite a lot of us who should enjoy this mightily.

And for those who need one, mirror sites (some countries, including the UK, block library genesis when they can by demanding the user's ISP not permit access to libgen sites, there was a court order by some publisher or other I forget who, libgen lost, and there is in the UK at least, a block. This can be easily and instantly bypassed and its effect negated by means of using TOR (TORbrowser, firefox based integrated browser with TOR built in works great and is easy to use for people without 'tech skills' type knowhow, all one must do is when using TORbrowser, click on the little green onion icon at the top left corner of the window and if it isn't already using one, choose 'new TOR circuit for this site' which reroutes your connection through another proxy chain and obscures where the connection originates from, and choose one which does not originate from a country with a block, like the UK, I don't know what other countries do, if any. This routes your connection through a number of proxy hosts in other countries, which retrieve the data when connecting to a website and forward it back down the chain to the user, this is perfectly sufficient to deceive the ISP and make sure it is not seen and automatically blocked off)

What IS this and why would one wish to go there, I hear you ask?

Library genesis, aka libgen, is an open-access organization like sci-hub ( and others), whilst sci-hub is different, in that its a paywall-busting tool for routing your connection (or appearing to) through academic server acccounts and thus gaining free unfettered access to scientific and other published journals for nothing, depriving the greedy, scummy, seedy little bastards who own the big publishing houses, hated and despised by journal article researchers, readers, unis alike, for their greedy tactics and giving nothing in return, more or less just parasitic middlemen that latch onto the teat of scientific knowledge and suck greedily, depriving others until a toll is paid, in return for the fuckers to 'grant' access, oh so kindly, quite probably for a few hours and an extortionate sum of money per single article, and prevent you from printing it too) libgen is similar, in that it is run in the spirit of open and free, full access to books, books of all sorts that people give to the community and upload so the rest of us can then download them, torrent them etc. and benefit from what they have too, without having to shell out for a copy.

Basically you go there, search for title and author, or by ISSBN number etc. and if there be a copy available of your request, you are presented with a download link, torrent links and the like, when you decide what you want, download, save and read away to your hearts desire; from a very large database of full, unexpurgated books. Think of it as like google books, only it doesn't censor the pages and it lets you take your book away as a .PDF file for use whenever you like, all contributed from around the world by different people of like mind, who scan them and upload them, or upload digital copies already owned etc. So like a better google books, only open-sourced and despised by publishers.

And as a bonus,, just input the digital object identifier (DOI) number, a unique code associated with journal articles, sometimes the PMID (from pubmed) also works, and occasionally name search does. If it has a DOI chances are almost certain that sci-hub (dreamt up and gifted to the world by a kazakh student, who like myself, loathes middlemen and their closed-access policies, their moneygrubbing and extortion, who, quite honestly, have no right to exist, and who thought up a clever way to bypass the paywalls by making the connection through the middle-men extortionists masquerade as having originated from a host which has an access deal, like a library with a subscription, or academic institutional login

Then routing the information back from the tricked publishing house/s to the user waiting for their requested articles.

 She (the kazakh student) got taken to court by a large journal publishing group of middle-men and, after fighting a court battle for the right to keep doing as she was doing, eventually lost to Elsevier publishing (this lot really are HATED by many in academia, from end user to universities, they are most certainly not flavour of the month with anybody but their own CEOs and other fellows in cancerous, diseased middlevermindom. Yes, that is what they are. A cancer.  A festering, blood-sucking, vitality-sapping malignant fungating lesion growing on the genitalia of academia, and who this creative kazakh student found a most excellent and comendable way to cut out and help to kill the remaining lingering bits of filthy tumour remaining. Finally, we have a cure for middlemen infestations :spitscreen:

Meanwhile, both the kazakh student creator of sci-hub and the creators of LibGen, they opened up a real  :CanofWorms: and plenty  :MLA: was done and the :MLA:s  :poo: was  :viking:ly weathered by both. Despite the  :hitler: :MLA:s repeatedly closing down servers, up came new ones like heads sprouting from the Lernean hydra. Every time, she'd have it shut down by ISPs, and she'd tell the :MLA:s  :hahaha: :finger: :odeon: and migrate the site to another server, with the old domain linking automatically to the new, and creating backups, so there was redundant capacity, if one was shut down people would still be able to get their fill of middle-men chemo and she'd just tell the courts more or less 'fuck you, I don't give a stuff what you think of me or the service I provide for people. I'm not doing it to make a profit, but in the spirit of open access freely to information, and to further the causes of science. You might be able to win individual battles, but never a war, so  you might as well STFU and go away and stop bothering me'

Sci-Hub (currently .io and .cc that I know of means I can get the articles I want to read instantly and as many of them as I want, when previously I along with a great many other students of the scienctific arts who pursue their course autodidactically would perforce have
to rely on the goodwill and spreads of access that those of us who do have institutional login access could provide, ask for articles in threads on forums etc and then wait to see if there was a member who'd kindly both upload the articles to the forum databases and givea link to the content for the  user who requested the paper. Could take days, might never be possible for some articles.

Now, no need to worry about overburdening the others with masses of requests, take too much of their generously given time and effort, just ask sci-hub and have the site's access token spoofing scripts do the work, and we can all now have our book wants from libgen and our journal reference desires from sci-hub served to us on a silver platter in no more time than it takes to establish the connection to the servers and in the case of LibGen, to download the books in .PDF format.

Ever found you really needed a book, or badly wanted one, and just couldn't afford the asking price, even secondhand? or that you might have that much money but the bastards wanted hundreds for it? Now we have the power to say 'NO!' to these moneygrubbing greedy dick-measles, and refuse henceforth to partake of brain-food contaminated by the noxious cysts of the wallet-tapeworm, that infamous
nasty little parasitic creature which, via banks as a secondary host, parasitizes the delicate flesh of the human wallet when information infected with the encysted, egg-bloated wallet tapeworm is devoured, causing around the world, hardship and much grief, potentially leading to atrophy of the bank balance.

Say NO! to tainted information, eradicate the transmitting population of middlemen and with LibGen&Sci-Hub therapy, together we can wipe out the wallet tapeworm parasite, and consign it to the dumping ground of history, as we did to smallpox. Vaccinate those you know, with the knowledge of these sites, pass the immunity around, and we can, together make these cancerous growths on the bollocks of mankind shrivel up and die, like politicians being burnt under the magnifying glass of scrutiny focusing the light of truth on their squirming, bloated little carcasses :pwned:

Mirror hosts for LibGen:

If there is an ISP-level blockade then TORbrowser will quickly be able to route around that and give the buggers sticking their noses in where they are unwelcome a broken nose to take back home with them in a doggy bag.

We yet can defeat that detestable parasite known to those such as whoesoever doth shewe ytt's infestation as ye Scolex fiscale or in ye speech of ye common manne as ye tayp wyrm of ye wallet, or ye purse-measle, to be consigned herewithto ye realm of fire and of burning brimstone, Gehenna, hell, tartarus, to the custodie of ye Divell.  :trollskull:

Beyond the pale. Way, way beyond the pale.

Requiescat in pacem, Wolfish, beloved of Pyraxis.

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Re: Libgen-for the compulsive bibliophagi among us, going to live this
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Brevity is the soul of wit Lestat.

I think more people would read this, be interested and respond if they weren't confronted with walls of text.