Author Topic: Karma is a bitch.  (Read 126 times)

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Re: Karma is a bitch.
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2017, 05:56:46 AM »
Karma is a bitch to those who deserve it.

It is far better for people to hate you for doing the right thing than for people to love you for doing the wrong thing. Never ever forget that.

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Re: Karma is a bitch.
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2017, 05:31:04 AM »
Thats the point of karma^ (I,e to those who deserve it)

What goes around, tends to come around to those who dish it out. Although it does seem that there is an inequality in measures which return. The bastard is generally repaid pretty quickly and with interest, or offed, if its a big enough bastard in question, whilst the goodly man seems to have to wait long with little if ever it is rewarded in equal measure. People tend to 'just not be humongous cunts to really nice people' rather than actively repay their kindness with kindness, although it does happen. I've had it happen to me before, and in most generous measure, a homeless guy, who of course could not just splurge monetarily, after being given what little I did have, and whilst obviously in quite a lot of pain, having had to go into the city center, and walk both far and long, I sat to skin up a joint of an inert herb, coated with a measure of a potent synthetic indazole CB1 cannabinoid receptor agonist and to share it with the guy, talk to him afterwards, it being rainy and cold, both to sit down and rest my throbbing knee joint, and to give and take some friendly company. And upon the two of us parting ways, after the random conversation being struck up after I stopped to give him the little spare change I had that I didn't need to get home, and after sharing my synth-weed joint with the guy, he just up and offered me a wrap of H, I asked him what he wanted for it, thinking of course he was selling, and I'd have, and indeed if I remember right did TRY to pay him something for it, but he refused, and said basically, your hurting, you need something to take the pain away, so here you go, have this' handing over a rolled up foil with a nice sized beetle on it (beetle being the vernacular for a serving of smoker's brown heroin once it has been melted onto foil, from the way that when carefully chased with a lighter flame underneath and a suitable tube above to suck in and inhale the vapor, it remelts and runs away from the direction of the flame being applied, like a beetle running, and like most or at least a great many beetles, its dark in color. (and not that I would do such an awful thing, it isn't in my nature, but I very much doubt that a beetle of the arthropod variety would appreciate one bit being placed on a piece of thin metal sheet and roasted alive from below with a cigarette lighter. :P)

And that particular day, I was barely in a state, knee-wise, both from the tendinitis, the joint stiffness and pain, and the combination of neuropathic  pain and the calf muscle spasm that the neuropathy itself causes. Was limping, slowly and miserably even with the pain-relieving and antiinflammatory effects of the synth-weed I'd bought for just that reason from a head-shop. Didn't mind sorting the guy out half the joint I had rolled and giving him a bit more of the stuff itself and rolling papers for later, especially after he'd done me such a kindness (which, considering he was homeless, was an act which carries much more weight than had it come from a rich man. I almost refused, but even my attempts to pay for it were turned down, after he realized that I was barely able to walk due to pain at the time. And it wasn't just a tiny bit either, must have been most of a £15-£20 wrap melted down on that foil, and far from just killing off the pain and getting me on my feet without my knee screaming loud enough for those born without ears to hear, had me actually pretty fucked up (in the good sense) and after just a couple of tokes on a pipe-full of synth-weed, I forget which specific indazole cannabinoid it was, but an intermediate acting, highly weight-potent one, to intermediate-short duration, strength-wise though a few toke would get one pretty baked, and a single hit smoked in a bong would put one's arse on the nearest horizontal object. Or the floor should one not be available :P. One toke of a joint of the stuff, though would relax, and instantly cause pronounced ptosis and myorelaxation, even of my calf on the side affected by the neuropathy. So I was taking the odd few tokes and putting it out, every 20 minutes or so.

But after the wrap that homeless guy gave me, angel of mercy in disguise that he might well have been, one or two tokes on a synth-weed joint and I could barelly stand again, this time because it hit me like a blow from a styrofoam lump-hammer to the back of the head :P and it got me home, even with some of the wrap left, for me to finish off after kicking off my wet boots, getting dry clothes on, tossing my trench off my weary back and sprawling out over my bed. Not, mind you without keeping the gift-giver in my thoughts, and hoping that the most I could do for him, that he could be persuaded to accept, the synth-weed, and I made him an unmixed joint of it, without tobacco, although warning him to be careful, since unlike pot, the stuff added to the inert carrier herb in there, could overdose somebody, and do harm, if it were overdone, that it was both shortish acting, and extremely powerful in effect, as well as for him to take just a few inhalations at a time, and if wanted, slowly increase, until he got where he wanted to be so he did not put himself at risk. And hoping it at least made his own night bear an easy sleep, for his circumstances.

Generally though, as an outsider's observation, its the bad deeds that get 'rewarded' with a karmic (or literal) kick in the bollocks. Arseholes are much more obvious to others, by the very fact that to be a cunt to somebody, involves a somebody, and its obvious usually, whilst being a good man is less visible to all. And shows most easily as simply an absence of bastardly-ness.
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