Author Topic: Donald Trump's ideology vs. The rantings of an Autistic Man-Child  (Read 190 times)

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Hello Mr. Trump, or should I say Donnie?

Theres alot I disagree with you on, yet knowing you... you're just a moron who keeps blowing hot air not giving a shit for the people who keep getting bashed by you and your cronies.

Why is it that you say one thing, yet do the other? Please do tell you simple-minded capitalistic orange dummkopf! You keep bringing up debunked theories, and then the next thing we all hear from the New Republic is that you, and the Ayn Rand boy toys are for a thing known as Eugenics.

Seriously what the fuck!

All this talk, and blowing hot air is going to get people mad.

So please do us all a favor and seriously STFU! Do your god damn job and not send tweets to people who withdraw their business relations with your daughter! (The one daughter that dressed up like a burrito)

*sighs* RANT OVER!