Author Topic: Couldbecousin will answer all, without fear or favor.  (Read 15022 times)

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Re: Couldbecousin will answer all, without fear or favor.
« Reply #765 on: September 21, 2017, 05:51:10 AM »
I thought you were a man when I saw your picture. Any reason for this? When I found out you were female, I did my best to say nothing because I was embarrassed. I later realized it was someone else's emotions I was feeling. Who wants you to be a man? PPK?

  :lol1:  You mean the Weeble avatar?

You posted your real picture on AFF. Jbaspie was upset with you.

  I don't remember anyone being upset about that.  :dunno:

He was angry at predatory women fucking him and dumping him like a whore. He wS a sweet aspie boy, then out of the blue he hates all women. I remember his old posts where schoolmates were jealous, he was smarter than them and worked harder. He's black and they called him a nigger. He made a thread ranting about women 'flaking out' on him. You claimed he threatened you in pm. Was this true? Gareth Nelson can read pms on AFF

  I don't remember any of this, and I have no reason to trust your account of it either.  :O_o:

   Also, Gareth can't read anything on AFF anymore, because he deleted the database in 2013.

Lmao. No he didn't. He hid it from public view. He even said as much. Lies make baby Jesus cry.

It is far better for people to hate you for doing the right thing than for people to love you for doing the wrong thing. Never ever forget that.