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Games / Re: What are You watching?
« Last post by Lestat on Yesterday at 12:17:02 PM »
Star Trek-TOS. With TNG to come afterwards.

*invites the Renster to come put her feet up on the sofa and watch* :)
Games / Re: Post what you are thinking right now, part two
« Last post by Lestat on Yesterday at 12:15:25 PM »
I'm just glad the place was knocked down. Maybe, if a thing is bound in a place (the place was abandoned as living quarters for anyone, although it was obviously a hurried leaving, since I'd managed, before the calling upon the Arch Vile, to loot plenty of stuff from there, fuck someone in there, (an Ex GF, and an NT one at that, someone I couldn't stand either, coincidentally...or not...I wonder..some say there is such a thing as sexual magick, or at least a kind of energy in it. And that was nothing like me, to fuck her, I don't DO casual sex. If I'm with somebody, if I love somebody, I am a very, very VERY intense person, both as loyal friend and as lover. If I see somebody as being worth being with at ALL, then they are worth my giving every last little scrap of my being to.

I am just glad you never set foot in that place. At least, if you did, only when it was a clean place, not physically clean, there were everything from kid's toys, to baby's rattles and teddy bears to broken guitar IIRC, graffiti, a mattress that was used for fucking that ex that probably saw a few fuckings by fuck knows who fucking fuck only knows who else, to to the valium I looted and the at least £25-30 worth of good hash. A little dried out, but still, once a lighter was put to it, then it softened up and crumbled nicely into a mix ready to pack a bong with :D

There were rooms with used needles on the floor, those rooms were ignored after searching carefully, with a long stick, through the larger detritus to see if there was anything, like the bits of money found etc. and of course, having the pipes and what I could get of the window leading by bricking the windows from the inside (place had like 4-5 floors, really roomy, would even have, with a power supply for the hotplate etc. a generator or something, and suitable transformer, made a place for fly-by-night clandestine chemistry cooking for a meth cook or somebody engaged in that sort of business, quite a decent place, if converted a bit. )

Or at least it would have before it got its..history. The sort of history you don't read on the history channel on TV, and before it got touched by the Arch Vile, the thing that feeds on shrieking and writhing in agony, drowning in pus, and vomits out maggoty mouthed tainted words from the tongues of innocents who remain unaware of It having spoken using them.

I don't think anybody would want to use it for anything after that, indeed it wasn't long after the binding rituals were all done ASAP there by as many folk interested in both wicca and the left-handed paths, nobody, no matter how they leaned in what direction in that sense, liked that place.

IMO you wouldn't have to be told, you'd just run like hell if you are sensitive to that kinda stuff. You'd turn around and without a word, run like all fucking hell was nipping at your heels. And that was after the binding. was the sort of place that overnight, went from a drinking and weed smoking den for me and my mates to somewhere you'd cross the road to avoid being close to, day or night. And if anybody was smoking there, it was somebody's soul, roasting on the devil's own BBQ grill, liberally seasoned with sulfur. And anybody drinking, it'd be from a rusted chalice filled with blood. The kind of fellow who'd make Aleister Crowley crap his pants and start saying hail mary-s.

And definitely not anybody on my xmas or go for a drink-with shortlist. And certainly not a cup I'd sup from with that crawling, greasy, oily faceless screaming horror of a thousand faces.

Shit, that thing could have come from any H.P Lovecraft book. Something Lovecraft's cat sicked up after eating a particularly 'off' rotting bird.

I know it sounds trite, but it really did have an 'other'ness to it, a wrongness, a sickening, slimy, seeping wrongness, an atrocity for it to simply BE. Like....C'thulhu-ness, if you get the idea, the sort of, scale of, kind of, feeling of foulness from somewhere else. Not hell...I don't even believe in the judaeo-xtian 'satan' or devil.

IMO the abrahamic faiths are just bastardizations of one or more presumable original faiths, and each other. Just another three similar, monotheistic religions deriving from one another and presumably from one or a coagulation of originating creeds of the polytheistic middle east.

So, no, I wouldn't, other than flippantly, refer to the Arch-Vile as 'hell spawn', but more..from somewhere else. And not somewhere people want to, or ought to be. and not a place they wouldn't regret being in if they ever went there. And sure as shit stinks not somewhere I'm going to be booking plane tickets to for a summer holiday.
Oh it wasn't a wiccan shop. They typically sell all white arts stuff, difficult even to find a readymade black candle that isn't just a cheap piece'o'shit layer of black wax on a white candle. Which I find hypocritical at best if one WERE to want to engage in such practices, I should think any self-respecting perdition-spawn would be outright offended if called in a circle made of black candles white on the inside, LOL.

And don't worry FWM, I left out the details. Aside from the basics, and the target dying of cancer not long after. But yes, that was some very, very, very dark material in that book. I still have it as part of my library of many things, my own personal book-emporium. I'd be damn surprised if a wicca store would even allow that book in stock, the things in it you'd shudder if you read some of it. Hell I would. Not at first, but after actually employing some of the ritual material in the blacker parts of the book. That was, just as you describe, the blackest of dark. It was crawling with evil. And the worst part of it, was that BA entity, it WASN'T bloodthirsty. No, not at all. It was an unquenchable, ever-hunger for suffering, for slow torture, for misery and pain. Bloodthirsty, would just be happy with ripping somebody to little pieces with a thrown tray of knives in a horror movie. This thing was worse than I've ever seen in any horror movie. I'll never forget the words growled in that gravelly, deep bass toned voice, from a 13 (just about) year old girl 'touched by another, forever be MINE!', as though the words weren't coming from her mouth, but being ripped from the air using her mouth as a way to vomit it forth out into the world. She didn't know the place had been used. Shit, she didn't even remember saying those words. I can still picture it now, in my head, the way she snarled and shrieked and shat those words forth, vomited them up from god doesn't even WANT to know where. No good deity anyway. I don't know to this day how a girl with her normal voice, could physically shape those sounds with a female barely teenage larynx and vocal cords. It was vicious, oily and at the same time, hollow and slow, despite the speed they were voiced and spat out like a mouthful of diseased, mouldy clotting rancid milk accidentally gulped. There was an eerieness to it, an echoing, slow, mournfulness yet delighting in virulence.

Only way I can describe it, aside from haunting, which seems too blase' about it, is Arch-Vile. And I mean to make no reference to the hell-being from the 'DOOM' series of videogames. Arch Vile, is the best wording I can think of that fits what she said. Or what was said with her. Not said BY her, but said WITH her. As if picking up a tool and using it, like a rusty chisel to strike sparks from flint rocks. And at the worst part of the same time, with a touch of her feminine young voice to it.

Creepy. As. All. Fuck. If you'd heard it, at the time, you'd never forget it, and you'd want to be sick at the sound of it. At one and the same time, with a melody to it and with a brutish grunted, coughed-up, vomited forth ruptured abscess full of hatred, as if playing a violin strung with human sinews with a bow made from the rotting scaly hide of a puff adder which had died from slow, painful disease resulting in its having starved to death.

I still can't forget it. I doubt I ever will. And yet afterwards the girl herself, she just kept walking on, after pausing, at least until later when she was thrown through the air, as if someone had picked her up by the throat and chucked her like a casually tossed snowball, she paused briefly to 'speak' those words, honeyed with the produce of a beehive fed upon the nectar of hemlock and aconite, and dripping with venom and pus, then carried on walking, as if nothing had happened. Like I'd asked her 'what the fuck did you just say' and she turned round, looked at me as if I'd lost the plot, since she hadn't said anything at all.

 I might have to get it out just to have another read of it though, now I'm reminded of it. The book, I mean.

Lets just say though that no, your bloody well right I don't plan on putting that....that THING into use again. Certainly not that entity. Lets just say there are things that one should or can freely do on Samhain, and some that you really fucking shouldn't.  Pretty sure you've guessed precisely which category that working falls into.

IIRC the girl, that was one year after, again on Samhain night. And you'll never have seen somebody research bindings and restraining of things without bodies so sodding fast in your life before. Or after :P

For something (the book) as unusual, and from the smell of the paper, the look and feel of the bindings (of the book) quite old, the low price tag was, looking back, with hindsight, rather conspicuous, although it wasn't at the time.

As for whether its ended...I don't know. All I know is that everbody I knew then with any experience in the left hand path, or wiccans, both coming together, all to bind that thing, the thing that I would know now as the Arch-Vile, by feeling of its nature, the thing that defies all my logical, scientific knowledge from the chain of events post its being called upon and directed to perform a task (and at that a bloody bad one that I shouldn't have), yeah, that'll do it. It isn't It's Name, bloody buggery no, I don't know what is, and I don't WANT to know what its true personal name is (if something that is not a person can have a personal name.), at least, the Name that applies to It and It alone, that I don't know or wish to ever hear spoken by anybody who does.

But for short, as a reference point, 'the Arch Vile' fits as good as any. Feels like it fits evil like a well worn leather jacket. Hell is comfy in the term, like a pair of Tartarus's favourite well-worn-in boots.
Free For ALL / Re: Giving places/stuff/people nicknames
« Last post by Lestat on Yesterday at 11:05:22 AM »
I tried to plus you grey area for the 'cunt' post. But the forum software was busy blowing goats at the time and told me I already had for some reason.

Crowbegotten tamponsucking sack of bog's dollocks that it is at times.

I do sometimes.

For my stalker, I have a nickname, well, more of an affectionate personal pet name, although I won't post it or speak it publicly, its something only we know. It came about though because of how she looks when she's asleep. That is a very special sort of nickname, if you know what I mean, which is why I won't publicly post what it is.

I often call my lab 'the skunkworks'

Some of the things in it:

White phosphorus 'WP, willy pete, willy peter' (the latter two are army slang for it when used in incendiary munitions)

Carbon tetrachloride 'C-tet'
Triphenylphosphine 'TPP'
methylene chloride (CH2Cl2) 'dichlor' or 'di-clo', 'DCM (short for dichloromethane)'
Phosphorus (in general, without regard to the allotrope, but typically in reference either to red phosphorus or white phosphorus, mainly because these are the two most common allotropes and the ones I would deal with generally most of all) 'phossy' or just 'phos' White phosphorus 'White phos' for example, or just plain 'phos' or 'phossy' for any of them.

perchloroethylene 'perk'
4-dimethylaminopyridine 'para-DMAP' pronounced 'para dee-map'
n-butyric anhydride 'distilled eau de barf', whilst the acid, n-butyric acid, 'eau de barf'
Sodium-potassium alloy 'NaK', pronounced to rhyme with 'back' or 'black' , as 'nack'
Tetrachloroethane 'tetra'

The act of recrystallization often shortened to ''rextyl'n'' or in past tense 'recksd' (rendered phonetically, there isn't really a spelling for it', as in 'end product reckst/recksd until melting point became satisfactory' or 'it was given a rexy or two'  pronounced 'wreck-sea' or 'reck-see'

Lithium aluminium hydride 'LAH, 'lith-al'
sodium borohydride (in context, its obvious) shortened to 'boro' or Na-boro'

And sometimes I've a habit of using rather archaic names for some things in my personal chemistry notebooks, although I won't say exactly what, since that might be a little too personally identifiable.

Lol, here's a funny one though, not in my personal journals, but helional, 3-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methylpropanal , I know in some circles as 'voldemelon' or 'voldemal' the latter short for 'voldemort aldehyde', and the former a similar derivation from 'Voldemort' from the harry potter series of books/films, the chemical has a melon-ish scent, and for a while in certain circles, before catching the attention of the filth, this particular chemical was rather hush hush, 'that which shall not be named', 'voldemal' 'voldemort aldehyde' 'voldy-melon' and a few similarly derived terms alluding to the odor plus 'he who shall not be named'

Its an MDA precursor, via beckmann rearrangement of the aldoxime to the terminal amide, then hoffmann degradation to yield MDA (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine). And part of somebody's hidden rainy day fund.

A book, authored by Vladimir Kren and Ladislav Cvak, called 'the genus Claviceps' (this is a book on Ergot fungi, which are species in the genus Claviceps, of ascomycete fungi, parasites on rye, various other cereal grains and wild grasses and known for both a rather interesting history, also for medical use as refined derivatives even now used in obstetrics medicine, also one of the alkaloids, ergotamine, is used as its tartrate salt for migraine relief, although the fungus itself, cultures of it productive of alkaloids (and therefore, useful) are HIGHLY toxic in a really, really nasty, permanently disfiguring if not lethal way, involving gangrene of toes, feet, legs, arms, hands, fingers, noses ears etc. turning black, and dry-rotting off leaving naught but stumps, along with convulsant effects depending on the strain, and delirious hallucinatory effects due to the alkaloids derivation from lysergic acid) The book The Genus Claviceps  shortened to 'TGC'. (I bought myself a hard-copy, managed to find one for quite a considerable sum under £100-150 which was fucking sweet. Just a bit under £50 IIRC :)

And of course a couple of people here, renaeden-'ren' '(the/our) Renster' and pyraxis-'raxy

For some reason 'raxy just feels like it fits you pyraxis, in a good way, like a flattering button-up leather trench might, once one has worn it and kinda worn into it if that makes sense, like happens with leather stuff. I get that feeling from the leather coats and boots I have now, bar one set of combat boots.

They've gotten comfier with age.

And a bit of a dirty chemist joke about SN2 type nucleophilic substitution 'butt-fuck substitution' 'bum-fuck reaction' and the leaving group, 'the rape sprog', (since the incoming nucleophile in an SN2 nucleophilic substitution is said to 'attack from the back side') it makes for quite a few suggestive filthy chemist's innuendo jokes.)

Like if I were dating a fellow autie chemist, and a kinky one, I might say 'hey wanna SN2?' if referring to, well...her taking it up the arse :spazz:
That sounds truly horrible. I don’t think the thing in my place was evil, as I think evil has its own uniqueness, as in evil is what you just described, the blackest of dark.

It was really, really irreponsible of that wiccan shop to sell that book to just anybody, especially when they’re supposed to ahere to wiccan values.

I asked because I know practitioners who can rid a place of a BA entity remotely.

I’d be relieved to end discussion on this. I assume you don’t want to be doing with that stuff again, even if other practitioners ended it.
Games / Re: Post what you are thinking right now, part two
« Last post by Fun with matches on Yesterday at 10:35:40 AM »
At once a bit shook up, thinking back, after some exchange with FWM, about things that went on somewhere, quite some time ago. Bad things, really, really bad, dark things.

And at the same time delighted twice over. Once, because of both my recent glassware shopping, and twice because QV just informed me that one of my posts made the PR laugh:) Just the sort of 'pour me a shot of warm up my soul and make it a double' I needed after the reminder of those happenings.

Yeh, those feelings are something you want to forget. :( It’s horrible to know that lots of people died in that place (they actually did, it was ex-sheltered accommodation) and that they felt so hopeless, and were rotting to death. Like the most horrific death possible, where it was hopeless and despairing. I was told it was just the feeling of death, but I dunno. It felt Hellish, nightmarish. Really did. I mean, there are peaceful deaths and horrible, horrible ones. I think my friend was trying to make me feel better. He could sense it too. He tried to clear the room and make it happy but I still would not go in there.
Games / Re: Last person to post wins!
« Last post by Queen Victoria on Yesterday at 10:22:19 AM »
Oh good.  I get to pass someone other than odeon.
Games / Re: What is the Weather like where You Live?
« Last post by Queen Victoria on Yesterday at 10:21:10 AM »
We've had the high for today, at 10 o'clock.  Saw awesome, fierce "snow" clouds in the north.
M.O.-Introductions / Re: How has everybody been doing?
« Last post by Lestat on Yesterday at 10:17:39 AM »
How long has he been here then? can't be very long if he has.

Give it another month and he'll end up the mental equivalent of a baked potato with dog muck on top instead of cheese and be seen rocking back and forth in a corner, flapping his hands and making odd noises...oohhhhh...wait....oops....:autism:

That was me.
What's your crime? Basic Discussion / Re: GOOD CLEAN HUMOUR
« Last post by Lestat on Yesterday at 10:15:08 AM »
Whats the difference between a Jew and a pizza?

You don't get put on trial if you get caught putting pizza in the oven.
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