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What's your crime? Basic Discussion / Re: GOOD CLEAN HUMOUR
« Last post by Fun with matches on Today at 08:47:46 AM »
What's your crime? Basic Discussion / Re: GOOD CLEAN HUMOUR
« Last post by Queen Victoria on Today at 08:28:47 AM »
Lestat, I'm Jewish.
Games / Re: Post something good that happened today, Parts Two
« Last post by Queen Victoria on Today at 08:27:51 AM »
The dentist cancelled The PR's appointment today.  Most everything is covered in ice.  Right now it's 20 degrees on our street.  The good news is that we have a Weather Underground station on our block.  (I know because our street is only one block long.)
Games / Re: Last person to post wins!
« Last post by Queen Victoria on Today at 08:17:54 AM »
Being the carefree children of summer that my sister and I were, we were running barefoot in the yard.  My sister stepped on a mouse skeleton.  The teeth clamped down on her and she had to heel walk back to the house so Mom could remove it. 
Political Pundits / Re: The Progressive ideology exposed
« Last post by Al Swearengen on Today at 07:49:36 AM »
As for discussing social justice, I doubt there is a meaningful discussion to be had with Scrap on that front. It's all cute pejoratives and name-dropping for him.

An there's a very good reason for that. Social Justice movements have all been hijacked by ideological puritans who want to reform society along ideals of human nature that have been thoroughly discredited by most psychologists and evolutionary psychologists in particular. 

Specifically, they believe in the notion of the human mind being a "blank slate" that is the formed entirely by society at large and there is no inherent biological difference between the brains of men and women. This is the point that James Damore made that got him fired from google.

They also buy into the false beliefs of racial identity movements that whites came to dominate the modern world because white people are somehow inherently pathological. They believe that all cultures are equally valid (except whites which they often deny even exist) despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that cultures have trajectories and at any given moment in history, some cultures will be vastly outperforming other cultures in terms if advancements in science, math and engineering.

Social Justice is ultimately an anti-intellectual movement that will destroy itself soon enough.

Well said Scrap.

Marxism created the divisive virtuous working class vs the evil aristocrat narrative and Cultural Marxism takes this to another level. The Progressive stack does not set divisive poor vs rich as much as concentrates on:

Men vs women
Straight vs gay
Cisgendered vs Trangendered
White vs Black
Able Bodied vs Disabled

and an intersectional clusterfuck of divisiveness. All with the virtuous underprivileged vs the ignoble or evil privileged.

It is a race to the bottom and proponents of the Social Justice mindset are not, I believe, religious but are cult-like. What binds them is the same moral righteousness and faux-intellectual mindset. The ideology is their god and on the altar of such no hypocrisy, lie or moral wrong is out of bounds. The ideology must be preserved and advanced at all costs and disputing it will brand you as a heathen (bigot). There is no room for reflection or self-critique because they are righteous and their cause is pure.

It is a load of shit.

The pervasiveness and brilliance of it is that it disguises itself well enough. This is why it has infested itself so well in the Liberal Left and take over the host. Liberalism used to be open, accepting, tolerant, and about sharing ideas and about non-rigidity to traditional norms. Also to oppose and push back on Authoritarianism and for freedom.

It was the perfect gateway for Cultural Marxists. They come in saying that they too support freedoms and want these poor underprivileged people to have a say and to have the rights denied them. But then they slowly change this angle to be we can't be open and accepting of others who are not either supporting everything we do to further our Progressive agenda no matter how disruptive, ignoble or unethical and IF you do you are actively against us and we will oppose you with Authoritarian rigour and call you, who believe yourself tolerant, intolerant and bigoted.

Most Liberals bought it and those that did not either were cowed or did not remain Liberals.

I hope that Scrap is right and the Progressives devour each other. My ONLY concern is that whilst I want things to move to the right massively from where the Progressive Left is now, I do not want it to swing completely to the right. I fear it may and we will be dealing with wacko Authoritarian Right Wing like we were 10 years ago. The Religious right doing similar bullshit with culture and society. Close to Centre on the Left is best. Even close to Centre on the Right would possibly be okay. Far Left or Far right is just crap for society.
Political Pundits / Re: "Shithole countries"
« Last post by Al Swearengen on Today at 07:26:03 AM »
I'm just wondering what was covered over this time.

So far, these outbursts of media bait have inevitably buried some other piece of news.
This isn't the first time wondering if maybe you're one of my sockpuppets. Was just about to say, everything since trump took office has been over sensationalized hype about what crap spills from Trumps lips or tweety fingers. It all strikes as a diversion tactic because the news isn't reporting on the context of the political/governmental happenings surrounding the hoopla. The news isn't reporting on the content or the outcome of the meeting, only OMG Trump said shithole.

I have a hard time remembering the last crisis - The Wolf book - all but forgotten after 48 hours. That was going to bring him down then this last thing sucked the air right out of that.

Remember how the Russia thing morphed into Obstruction of justice which morph into mentally unfit and now I think is morphing into racist.

Like a laserlight and a cat.

Now who knows apart from bashing Trump and chasing the laserlight, what the Democrats are about? Who are their leaders? Who are they rallying behind? What is their message?

Deflecting again, I see.

I do not think you do see. In fact, my premise is that you are ideologically blinded by your political and personal hatred of Trump and what you believe he represents to the point that you are unable to look at him with any reasonable rationality.

But let's assume for the moment that my strongly held belief in your ideological blindness is not true. How is what I said deflecting and if so from what exactly?
Political Pundits / Re: "Shithole countries"
« Last post by Al Swearengen on Today at 07:22:57 AM »
Basic leadership skills 101...

1. Addressing major problems/disasters/tragedies that effect people's lives when they occur or soon after they occur.

2. Reassuring people that those problems are at the very least "being looked into" so that the possibility of them occurring again will be less likely.

State problem and Hawaii certainly should do that. I am sure you have contacted Hawaii and let them know rather than looked at this as a Federal issue which it was not.....right? (Of course not. I know you did not).

While it is touching that you'll support Trump no matter what, I'm really glad that your leadership style remains rare.

There is a lot I do not support Trump in.

Again IS his leadership style rare?

Benghazi - Video narrative

Floods - Martha's vineyards

9/11 - Keep reading

Or is your outrage a little selective? His was NOT a real National issue but rather a state fuck up.

No, this is not deflection it is addressing your assertion of rareness. But again, these are was there a national emergency? Was there a real threat for him to address? Or did Hawaii make an error that affected it's citizens?

A deflection is a deflection by any other name. Gotta love your persistence, tho.

No, I do get it.

Trump is the only President or person in political office in American history not to have jumped on crisises or on National Emergencies to your satisfaction and to have given appropriate response to the American public.

That is what you seem to be saying.

The reason why, even with these obvious parallels of past situations of National Emergencies having been dealt in similar or arguably worse ways by others, they did not outrage you, is that they were not Trump. 

Now I have, of course, pointed out that the false alarm was....well false. That it was NOT a National Emergency. That it was a state based stuff up with no damage nor National impact....unlike Bush's 9/11 crisis, Hillary's lies about Benghazi, and Obama's reaction to the Louisiana floods. I have also pointed out that the State of Hawaii was both responsible for the stuff up and as such needs to be the one responsible for addressing concerns generating from the mistake they made RATHER than the President. They also need to change procedures and/or training to make sure something as ridiculous does not happen again.

How this in ANY way becomes the President's issue or his fault is quite beyond me.

So far from deflecting, I have addressed both the issue and also given reasoning why I believe YOU see it as something other than what it really is. That issue that would dismiss the seriousness of other worse and more egregious examples of what you claim is terrible when it happens with others is simply that you hate Trump.

THAT is an ideological position. Not actually an indictment on Trump but rather virtue signalling your hatred and a want to create a different standard to hold him to. That is fine. It does not make it deflection and it does not really make any strong case to him being good, bad or indifferent.

Plenty to criticise him for but this is pretty weak and simply comes across as you needing to create reasons to be unreasonably outraged.
What's your crime? Basic Discussion / Re: From Fire to Floods
« Last post by Lestat on Today at 06:51:54 AM »
And here was me thinking it was just that time of the month for you.
Games / Re: How are you feeling right now? (Pt 2)
« Last post by Lestat on Today at 06:41:48 AM »
Yeah I figured that much out. What the fuck do you take me for? some kinda autist? :tard:

And its not like I'm going to be going out to kill that russki spook now is it. *mutters something disparaging in russian about colleagues claiming kills that ain't theirs to claim, whilst unscrewing the silencer from a 10mm pistol and cleaning the barrel, checking the scope, putting it back together, rechecking the scope, making a couple of adjustments whilst muttering some colorful eastern european profanities, finally loading a clip, cocking the pistol, flicking the safety on and loading another round into the magazine*, carefully checking the glowing blueish stuff in the little bottle with the skull-and-crossbones and stowing it somewhere far, far away from his crotch region*
Political Pundits / Re: The Progressive ideology exposed
« Last post by El on Today at 06:34:21 AM »
Yeah, perhaps El can give us the cliff notes along with what her point is.

Offering reading material for anyone who was interested.  You seem not to be especially interested in reading.

So guys apologies if this has already been brought up; I sorta skimmed the last couple of pages but not in-depth:

This is bringing back a presentation I did in grad school on his article "The evolutionary history of an illusion: Religious causal beliefs in children and adults." It's cited on his page but not downloadable there; related articles (including ones he referenced) are.  Points to someone who can find it in full (I can't seem to- google scholar in 2018 is still not as powerful as ebscohost was in 2008, apparently).

That particular article doesn't have a link.
^no shit sherlock.
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